August 2018 Journal Review Roundup

August 2018 - Primary Care Sports Medicine Journal Roundup

American Journal of Sports Medicine (August 2018)

  • Operative repair of an MPFL injury in the acute phase in skeletally immature children with a primary traumatic LPD significantly reduced the redislocation rate but

  • Operative repair did not improve subjective or objective knee function compared with a knee brace without repair.

  • The majority of the patients in both groups were satisfied with their knee function.

British Journal of Sports Medicine (August 2018)

  • “Foot orthoses are not superior for improving pain and function compared with sham or other conservative treatment in patients with PHP”

Sports Health Journal (August 2018)

  • About 3 months for all stress injuries.. “The expected time to return to full unrestricted athletic participation after diagnosis of a stress fracture is 12 to 13 weeks for all injury sites.”

Sports Medicine (August 2018)

  • Question: Does caffeine help endurance athletes? Short answer, yes.

  • “Caffeine can be used effectively as an ergogenic aid when taken in moderate doses”.

  • Moderate dose means 3-6 mg/kg

  • “Results demonstrate that the existence of a relationship between training load and injury continues to be well supported in the literature and is strongest for subjective internal training load.”