September 2018 Journal Review Roundup

September 2018 Primary Care Sports Medicine Journal Roundup

American Journal of Sports Medicine (Sept 2018)

  • 108/189 (57%) of athletes returned to playing preinjury sport at preinjury level after arthroscopy for FAI

  • Lower than previously thought rate of 87%

  • In contrast to the above study, 95% of professional baseball players returned to sport after hip arthroscopy for FAI

  • Compared to controls, iliopsoas fractional lengthening in patients with painful internal snapping hip syndrome along with arthroscopy and labral repair had improvements in patient reported outcomes at 2 years.

  • Full thickness radial meniscus tears have historically been treated with partial meniscectomy

  • This study compared radial meniscus repairs to bucket handle meniscal repairs which performed similarly at 3.5 years for VAS and IKDC scores

  • “The group that received an mesenchymal stem cell injection scored better on the IKDC and Lysholm scales at final follow-up than the group that did not, although these differences were relatively small.”

  • Revision of primary rotator cuff reconstruction after retear improved clinical outcomes and shoulder function, including VAS, CS, ASES, DASH scores at 50 months of follow up.

  • Neuromuscular training program targeting hip biomechanics showed improved ACL injury risk in athletes who had undergone a primary ACL reconstruction.

  • Proximal hamstring avulsion repair resulted in superior outcomes as compared with nonoperative treatment, although the complication rate was 23.17%.

British Journal of Sports Medicine (Issue 17, Issue 18)

  • Overall incidence rate 3.7 injuries/ 1000 player hours

  • Most injuries affected the lower limb (thigh, knee and ankle) and occurred without contact (58.3%).

  • Severe injuries (n=34; 31.5%) were predominantly located at the knee and hand/finger.

  • Muscle injury rates during matches were lower when players were given at least 6 days between their match exposures

Infographic for physical activity

Sports Health Journal (Sept/Oct 2018)

  • “The evidence is equivocal as to whether iron supplementation in iron-deficiency nonanemic athletics improves athletic performance”

  • “Patients participating in yoga return to yoga 93% of the time and at a mean 5.3 ± 2.2 months after hip arthroscopy for FAIS.”=

Sports Medicine (September 2018)

  • Summary of evidence for using hand grip strength as a health marker

  • Achilles tendon-aponeurosis are altered in tendinopathy

  • Patellar tendinopathy does not appear to alter the tensile behaviour of the patellar tendon

Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine (Sept 2018)

  • Insufficient evidence to guide decision making, need consensus strategy

  • Continue NSAID use

  • “This study affirmed the long-term safety of injections in most cases.”