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a case of transverse patella fracture
By John Kiel

A Case of a Transverse Patella Fracture

A Case of Transverse Patella Fracture Clinical Vignette A thin 78-year-old male with a past medical history of T2DM, HTN,…

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recurrent patellar instability cover
By John Kiel

Recurrent Patellar Instability

Recurrent Patellar Instability Anterior knee pain due to recurrent patellar instability is one of the most common entities seen in…

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pateller dislocation treatment cover
By Sports Medicine Review

Patellar Dislocation: Treatment Options

Patellar Dislocation Treatment Options Many dislocations will reduce on their own but some will require reduction. This is attempted many…

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patellar dislocation cover
By John Kiel

Patellar Dislocation Introduction and Diagnosis

Patellar Dislocation Introduction and Diagnosis After recent prominence in the media due to a prominent quarterback in the NFL suffering…

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