Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome

Illustration of the Trochanteric Bursa

Key Points

  • Common cause of lateral hip pain
  • Historically termed ‘Trochanteric Bursitis’
  • Seen in conjunction with gluteal tendinopathy
  • Can be imaged with an MRI, ultrasound
  • Treated with physical therapy and injections


  • Commonly occurs within the subgluteus maximus bursa (trochanteric bursa)
  • Can present acutely, however most cases are chronic
  • Risk factors: knee arthritis, IT band syndrome, low back pain
  • Typically occurs in conjunction with gluteus tendinopathy
  • More common in women than men, peaks in fourth and sixth decades of life


  • Lateral hip pain is most common
  • Pain can radiate down the leg in to the gluteus
  • Pain worsens with walking and going up and down the stairs
  • Pain when sleeping on the affected side
  • Tender on the outside hip bone (greater trochanter)


  • First line treatment is activity modification and physical therapy
  • Oral or topical NSAIDS are often used for pain
  • Weight loss can help with pain
  • Bursa can be injected with corticosteroids or platelet rich plasma
  • Rarely is surgical management necessary
Physical Therapy
Lateral Hip Brace
Resistance Bands

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