Hamstring Strain: Causes, Symptoms, and Rehabilitation

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Illustration of the Hamstring muscles

Key Points

  • Hamstring strain is an injury to one of the hamstring muscles
  • The chronic form is termed hamstring tendinosis/ tendinopathy
  • Most patients will have an acute event such as a pop or pulling sensation while running
  • Treatment involves activity early physical therapy and medications


  • Hamstring strains can be a strain (no tear), partial tear or complete tear
  • Common in sports that involve sprinting
  • They are graded from 1-3 based on severity
  • Risk factors include muscle imbalance and poor flexibility


  • Presents as a sharp pain, pull or pop in the hamstring area while running or twisting
  • Weight bearing and walking normally may be difficult
  • Swelling and bruising can occur
  • Symptoms can last for weeks after the injury


  • Most hamstring strains are treated without surgery
  • First line: early physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications
  • If there is an avulsion, the patient may need crutches
  • Consider treatments such as prolotherapy, PRP or shock wave therapy
Hamstring strain rehab screenshot
Hamstring Rehab
Resistance Bands

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